Tuesday, 3 January 2012


For how many times have we, the girls, dreamt about Bill, Tom or Gs to call us? By mistake or in real life? For many many times, and it happened even in our FFs.... ok, more things happened in our FFs, but I don't wanna give details, 'cuz I wouldn't finish anymore :))
But now, cuz our beloved singers are some amazing people, we can be called in the middle of the day, when we're walking, or playing the computer or doing whatever we usually do! Our phone can start ringing and we can hear their hot voices answering our questions about EVERYTHING!  This is the VIP CALL, which is going to make TH the first band which has ever done that before. This shows that they do care about us, about their fans. That shows that the ones who said that they changed were WRONG! They have always cared, they still care and tehy will always care, even if some of us think that they forgot about us. Sorry, but just cuz they can't take fans on the stage anymore, maybe because of the different music they play, it doesn't mean that we aren't important anymore.
Calling us is the best way of showing that we are very imortant to them and that they can even give us something from their free time and from their private life!

Talking about private life..... BTK App shows more than whatever we could wish! It shows that they can even share their private life with us... not all of it, of course, but most of it and the funny or interesting things. Isn't this much better than searching like crazy on Google information about our beloved idols? They give it by their own!

This is a link where you can find how to recive the VIP CALL ;) :http://www.vipcall.com/tokiohotel/en/
You'll see that you have to respect some rules..... so I hope you're lucky and you come from one of the 22 coutries which are avaliabe for their call. I'm not.... and this is what makes me say: I COULD HAVE BEEN BORN IN OTHER 22 COUNTRIES, BUT NO! i HAD TO BE BORN IN ROMANIA! Sorry, it was jsut my fan reaction talking from inside of me... now back to YOU, ALIENS!

About BTK App.... you need Apple products or androids, so you can really talk just to them. So, good luck and let's hope that all of you will be called on day!!!! I love all of you!

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