Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New ToHo album

All of us know  the differences between all the ToHo albums: from teenager- style to Alien-style. What's going to happen this year? Our beloved singers couldn't appear at EMA anymore, 'cause they didn't have anything new (except Bill's change, of course).
First, nothing is sure at all, but it is said that our guys are already working on their new album in  L.A., which is supposed to appear on spring in 2012. They said that the soud was going to be different. This is something really curious, 'cause they are a pop-rock band. What are they going to do? To make the sound to be stronger like the one from a rock band, or to set eyes on pop music?
It's sure that we won't have Alien Lyrics anymore and that means that even the stage will be different and even the clothes will have another style.
Bill changed for many times, but the songs were as sensitive as before, so his hair or his clothes or even his muscles aren't a sign about the album's music, but we can be sure about a thing : we will be surprised by their work, like we always were.
There are so many questions on my mind and on our minds, but nobody can answer them. I'm sure that ToHO has no idea what's going to happen for a moment, but if they work like they always did, they will give people another lesson of true music, which isn't talking to our bodies, but which is talking to our souls.