Monday, 25 July 2011

Hi, I am sorry because I dind't post anything for a long time, but I have some problems with people from Adsense. They say that I took something from other sites and posted on my blog. As far as I knew, all I wrote is as unique as possible. I decided to stop writing the story on my blog. Don't worry, because I also decided to wtite a book with this story, with Tokio Hotel. It will appear before or after Chirstmas ( like a presnet for you and for TH) in Romania. It will be written in English, so everybody can read it. Thank you very much for what you did and for what you still do for me and for Tokio Hotel, but everything has an end even if we want or we don't want. I am realyy happy becasue you were by my side, so thank you Romania, thank you Germany, thank you USA, thank you France, thank you Spain, thank you Hong Kong, thank you Hungaria, thank you Poland, thank you Italy, thank you Russia, thank you Netherland, thank you Brazil, thank you Mauritius, thank you Malaysia, thank you Saudi Arabia, thank you everybody who read my first 5 Chap. from my story.
I promise I won't be late with my story and I also promise that you would love it. If you have to tell me something, it doesn't matter what, you can wtite me here :
So, thank you a lot , Aliens!!!

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