Friday, 23 September 2011

Bill Kaulitz on catwalk!

Androgynous beauty Bill Kaulitz, who fronts glam rock band Tokio Hotel, has just made his fashion debut in Milan, walking the catwalk for designer brand DSquared2, the same that will also provide outfits for the band members on the upcoming tour. This could be just a first step towards a very successful career in fashion for the heartthrob, as critics and media representatives have had nothing but good things to say about him, The Local writes.

According to the German publication, Kaulitz was truly the piece de resistance of the collection, taking to the catwalk at the end of the show in impossibly tight black leather pants, matched with chains and heavy jewelry, and a feathered cape. Since attitude is not something that the singer lacks, he put on what critics name a “fierce” appearance. Be that as it may, critics still labeled his appearance brilliant, dubbing him the “black angel” because of the heavy feathery getup.

“‘It was my first time on the catwalk and I was really nervous,’ Kaulitz said after opening the show for Canadian brand DSquared2 as part of Milan fashion week for winter 2010/2011 on Tuesday. But his stage fright didn’t stop the Italian media from gushing over the gender-bending German heartthrob’s performance and dubbing the 20-year-old a ‘black angel’,” The Local writes. It could very well be that his brother’s support, who occupied a seat in the front row, helped alleviate some of Kaulitz’s stage fright.

“Kaulitz’s twin and bandmate Tom sat in the front row at the show to cheer on his brother, who was sporting a new hairdo that was much more streamlined that his usual spiky look. The appearance may be just the beginning for the ambitious young singer’s fashion career. He reportedly told men’s magazine GQ that he could imagine designing his own fashion collection,” The Local further says.

As also noted above, the two designers (also twin brothers) at DSquared2, Dean and Dan Caten, will also create some of the outfits for the upcoming tour of Tokio Hotel. So far, it was only announced that they would design five custom-made outfits for Bill alone – so fans should expect something truly eccentric.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bill Kaulitz- New style

Well, I know that there are some fans who still ask themselves if Bill Kaulitz has blonde hair. I will answer their question, hoping that they're going to be OK :)
Yes, Bill Kaulitz from TH has blonde hair, has muscles and beard. I can say that his change was made really fast and he has amaized all of us. He's not that guy who looked like a woman and who was beautiful in his own way anymore, now he keeps being beautiful in his way, but in a masculine way. We have to accept his change because it's his choise and this is the way he wants to be, he doesn't want to be a teenager anymore, he wants to be and to look like a man. I hope that you'll like the photos I'll post with him.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Novel Is Ready!!!

OK, guys! I know that I made you to wait so long, but summer is over and my novel is ready!!! It's written in my computer and I have to say that I didn't even expect something so wonderfull to be written by me, but even my mom was impressed even if she wasn't TH fan. She liked the fact that the novel had a lot of action and the fact that there were many feelings which were described extremly well :D
So, because I'm from Romania the novel will appear first in Romania. But until I publish it, I need somebody to check it and to see if I have mistakes, even if I'm sure that there aren't more than 3 or 4, but this is how it works. Then, it will be finally published.
Thank you so much for waiting for me to finish it, Aliens!!! And thank you so much for entering my blog even if I didn't post anything for a whole summer.
If you have questions, or if you want to get it faster and you don't want until I will publish it all over the world (I mean, I'm not even sure that it will be a succes, I just hope like any author), you can contact me here:
Please, try to post any comment because I'd really like to know that you're by my side and that you support me! :D
                                                                                                                   See you later,Aliens! I love you,