Friday, 10 February 2012

Another Tattoo!!!

Bill's new tatto and he already has a plan about the next one. Wow!!! I love this one. It's full of feelings and things taht happened in his life. The skeleton shows the ugly part oif the life and the flower is the beautiful one which grows up from the ugly one. Isn't that sweet?? And tehre's also a bird, but I guess ya can't see it..... anyway, it's a bird which shows the freedom! AMAZING! just like everything he does.

Friday, 3 February 2012

New place where ya can find me ;)

I've just created this and I do want to share it with you, guys :D so this is the link where ya can find me
I hope you'll like it, cuz actually I still have to discover a lot of things about it :D :D :D but I'm so happy when I find out how to do something ^^
I'll keep posting here about TH, but what I created now is about Idk... everything! Not just about TH. It's something really free.