Friday, 10 February 2012

Another Tattoo!!!

Bill's new tatto and he already has a plan about the next one. Wow!!! I love this one. It's full of feelings and things taht happened in his life. The skeleton shows the ugly part oif the life and the flower is the beautiful one which grows up from the ugly one. Isn't that sweet?? And tehre's also a bird, but I guess ya can't see it..... anyway, it's a bird which shows the freedom! AMAZING! just like everything he does.

Friday, 3 February 2012

New place where ya can find me ;)

I've just created this and I do want to share it with you, guys :D so this is the link where ya can find me
I hope you'll like it, cuz actually I still have to discover a lot of things about it :D :D :D but I'm so happy when I find out how to do something ^^
I'll keep posting here about TH, but what I created now is about Idk... everything! Not just about TH. It's something really free.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

O__o I want too!

I don't  know when this is gonna happen in my life, but I'll do it too ;) Maybe not with mt twin sister I actually don't have... and mayb e not with my sister iether, cuz she's too scared of such extreme things, but I'll do it by my own or mayeb with that special person Bill is kinda always talking about.
Btw, good job, guys! I'm happy cuz nothing bad happened to ya and I'm surprised by Bill this time :)) I've never imagined taht he could do that. It seems that the style changes came with many otehrs. Will I be surprised by otehr things even if it's not that easy to surprsie me? :))

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Soo cuteee!!!

Could anybody say that these pictures aren't the cutest pictures ever???? I mean, I would really pay for the Bill-doll.. .really :)) I love the sixth photo <3 Bill seems soo cool there. *the next Christmas present*

Saturday, 28 January 2012


I have to tell you that Fashion is my Passion! ;) I couldn't live without knowing how to look great. I actually have my own style, and this si why I can't give you my own advises about fshion. Being unque, my style is also kinda strange, but anyway, these are some desings. I personally love the last one <3 It's so fresh, but IN too. All of them are for summer, the dresses could be worn these months, too, if the party is inside, but the last two pictures show some clothe sfor cool girls who want to look great ;) 

Maybe this isn't  something about TH, but My blog's called allUneed-allforU, so I guess I can post everything I think it's useful ofr you. So, enjoy it ;) 

Friday, 27 January 2012

No more long nails, no more nail polish! Could it be possible?! :))

Ok, I have to admt first and first that Bill has nice hands, for the fact that his nails aren't dirty, something that doesn't happen to often when it's about a guy. This is what's happening on BTK App. I don't hav eit yet and I won't, but thanks my friend from USA who posts these photos on FB, so I can take them and post them right here just for you!
I also want to say that those rings are amazing, even if they're big. They're special and the way they change their form while the finger is moving makes them really IN. It seems that we kinda found out something that we wouldn't have found out without this App. We found out which is Bill's  favourite type of coffee. Hmmm, he smokes, he drinks coffee.... even if I'm a fan I don't smoke and I don't drink coffee either. Some of the people do believe that being a fan means doing anything that your favourite singer does. Sorry? No, I can't accept that, just cuz I have my own way of being, I don't need to do what the others do. Anyway, if tehre are so many people who drink coffee and who smoke, why do I have to be like them? It makes sense ;)
I know this is gonna sound crazy, but at the moment I'm comparing my hand with his :)) Mine is so small... and his is so big. His fingers are so long! They reminds me about my cousin's, Christopher. I think that it would be kinda difficult for him to hold my hand even if we just met at a Meet&Greet :)) I guess his hand would cover mine :))
Anyway, he still has very beautiful hands. I noticed taht he gave up at the long nails, at the nail polish.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thank you, Tokio Hotel!

Here are 10 things I have to thank TH for. As a fan, I guess I need to thank them cuz they thank us everytime they have the chance to... So:
1. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for existing as a band.
2.Tahank you TOKIO HOTEL for your different and unique music and lyric.
3. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for saving my life for so many times, even if you weren't right next to me.
4. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for making me stronger than yesterday.
5. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for giving the best on the stage.
6. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for making any concert as unique as possible.
7. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for what you did for PETA.
8. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for making me forget about the past and about the bad things that happened in my life.
9. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for Tom's amazing information about his private life :))
10. Thank you TOKIO HOTEL for making me who I am though the WAY of who YOU are.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dirty Talk with TH in Japan

This is one of the moments I can't forget. It's just to funny and too dirty :)) You should have seen me when I watched taht video for the very first time. I was eating cereals, and guess what? I had to buy a new web-cam cuz milk kinda destroyed it. Yeap, I have to thank TH for many many times, but I also have to thak them for destroying my web-cam. :)) just kidding, it was only my fault... and tehirs cuz tehy were too funny :))

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bill, foget about Brithney! :))

Ok, so I guess that everybody knows who Brithney Spears is and that our Bill was in love with her. He wanted to f*ck her :)) and he said it in a video in Japan that I'm gonna post tomorrow.
BUT, and now pay attention! BUT, Brithney got engaged again, even if she knew that Bill was in love with her. I mean... which are the chances that a super star not to know what another super super star said (Bill being the super super star :)) )

Look what a beautiful ring he bought her!!!!!! <3  And look how happy they are!!!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Don't worry, you are not missing anything!

I can’t hide myself of everything these people are talking about. That information is really everywhere, everywhere! BTK App for iPhone will appear tomorrow. Wow, shall I start screaming right now? AS a fan, I’m supposed to do it, but I have to remember that I’m a person, before being a fan. A person has real dreams, dreams which will make his future a good one, which will bring him money, a home, food!
Today I’ve just found out that my cousin bought a tablet with Android. And guess what? She’s home! And she told me that I could download the BTK App. I didn’t want to! Why? Just for the fact that Bill and Tom won’t know that I exist even if I use that thing. There are thousands of people who use it, do you really think that they will even know your name?
It’s just something fashionable, which doesn’t help us. Does the thing that we post something on the Alien Wall help us? We don’t win anything, we don’t get into their world if we use the BTK App, we just find out things that we would find out anyway.
The second reason I didn’t want to download it even if I had the chance to, is the fact that I had to pay for it. Wait wait wait! This is supposed to be something that helps me to find out some things earlier and that helps me cuz I am supposed to talk to Kaulitz twins. Why do I have to pay for something that I could find out from TV, from my armchair or from magazines?  
Some of us, who think about more than the others want we to, ask ourselves: where do that money go? Because we pay to use it a month, and then, if we still want to, we have to pay some money per month.  Imagine how much money they earn!  Imagine that we give some money that we could use in different ways, just to see our names on the Alien Wall. Anyway, they don’t take all the money, they have to share it with Apple. We don’t even know if Bill and Tom post the messages. They are supposed to work for their new album. They might be close friends of them, or something like that.
What I want you to understand is that I AM NOT SAYING THAT THEY USE US, but they’re doing this cuz people stared forgetting about them and they needed something to bring them kinda back and to give them more time to work for the album.
Some of you are going to say that I’m crazy or that I’m a fake fan, but I have to say that I’m not living with the dream of talking  to them, because for them, I’m just a FAN, not  a friend.
I wrote this thinking about the girls who are crying cuz they can’t use BTK App, because I can’t stand the fact that their eyes can’t be opened by their own minds. Girls, you are not missing anything! You’ll know the  things that the ones who use BTK App know, you’ll keep listening to TH, you’ll keep following the TH forum, you won’t be changed if you don’t use it, or even if you use it! You won’t be turned into super fans, or something like that.
Keep being who you are, keep dreaming about your own future! Don’t turn into little Barbie dolls without brain who think that they’re smarter or more special if they have iPhones, or Androids.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Lucky girl+Bill drawing a heart on her arm = sweet tattoo

I know I said for so many times taht I was going to have a tattoo like 'Freiheit98' or the TH loggo on my shoulder, or 'B' on my shoulder..... but this one is brilliant! I have imagination for 100 people, but I've never ever thought about that! I can't believe how cute that heart could be even if it's kinda strange.... well, Bill had no time for drawing it very well, but it's still sweet and cute and.... special! And that girl had a brilliant idea! She's a real Alien! What could be more beautiful than asking your idol to draw a HEART on your arm and then go and make a tattoo ^^ It's not something hard or made in a starnge way, or even big! It's a little special and lovely tattoo which says enough! You don't have to scream it out loud 'God is with me' or your name or your love's name or 'I love Apple products'. Ok, do it, love God, love what ever you want to love, but don't scream it out loud through a tattoo! You'll never get bored by a heart which was drawn by your idol! No, even when you'll be old you'll remember taht moment shaking cuz of happiness and of lovely feelings! This is what I can call a tattoo, something that will last forever, a sign from a great moment, something personal!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tom's laugh

Tom has such a sweet laugh! It makes me laugh out loud. What could I say about Bill? :)) He's making fun of Tom... again. He has an unique laugh, just like each of us. Remember that all of us are unique in our own way. Even the twins have different laughs, different points of view and so on... so people who aren't even in the same family are more different than the brothers/ sisters/ twins.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Funny moments of Humanoid City!

I couldn't stop laughing while I was watching that video! :)) I have to admit that Bill is a very good dancer (don't worry, Bill, we know you dislike dancing) and that Tom's way of throwing water is LOL. The part when Bill wanted to throw some water on the fans and then they threw some water on Bill! I loved taht moment! I don't know why, but even if they say something wrong or if they do something wrong..... I can't say that they were horrible. They're cute even when thay mistake <3

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Twin tattoo

I know that this happened a long time ago, but I found the videos today! So, this is how Bill and Tom got their twin tattoo. Bill's tattoo is '0630' and Tom's is '0620'. These are the hours of their birth! Isn't it sweet??? All of Bill's tattoos show something, they're not made just to be made, they're sooo special!
I was surprised by Tom cuz he didn't scream! O__o Ok, Bill didn't surprise me, at all cuz he had sooo many, but Tom was really strong! Good job, Tom! ;) No move, no tear, no scream!!!! That's it, I'll have a tattoo too... ok, later.... much later.

And here are the photos of the tattoos

Monday, 9 January 2012

Bill found his DREAM GIRL!!!!

Ok.... if he really thinks that a tue love could be found in a strip club, then we have to accept it. Well, what could I say? She's blonde, she's almost naked.... why shouldn't boys like her? She really respects herself.

Anyway, remember that Bill made a joke, saying that Tom and Ria were going to get marriage (it's not true, it's just a joke). Maybe ( but for sure), Tom is doing the same thing. The strange part is that Bill is playing Tom's game.... Imagine that they could stay face to face and  post on the Alien Wall just like they weren't together :))  I wish I could see that.
They always had the gift of making us so curious, but they have never shared something about their private life (except Tom... who maybe said too many :))) ). It's something we really have to appreciate. They just know that their private life is just theirs and we as fans don't have to know really everything about it.
Just cuz we're fans, it doesn't mean that we have something to say about their feeling and so on.... but this doesn't stop us to talk. We can say what we think, ofc, but we don't have to think that our points of view will change something.
Ok, when you fisrt see that, as a fan... you're kinda shocked, but you start laughing (that happened to me, and I'm a huge fan). You need to say everything you think and you just say it.... even if you have to tell that to your mom who isn't that interested in TH or to your younger sister who doesn't even want to hear about them. But then, you use to this idea and you start thinking 'So what?' It's like the story with Bill and blonde hair. Does the fact that he has blonde hair affect us? No! Does the fact that he might find love in a streapteuse affect us? No!
So.... if it's just a twins' joke, it was funny and scary and the same moment (I think that this is the perfect joke, funny and scary), but if it's real, I'm happy cuz he found his true love!


Bill and Tom Kaulitz meet and Bill sees that Tom's eye is bruised.
'What happened?' Bill asked.
'My girlfriend hit me'
''Cause I told her <<you>>'
'Is that all?' Bill asked confused.
'Well, we were watching TV and she told me that we hadn't sex for 2 days. And I told her << Maybe you>>'

The teacher asks Tom:
'What do we have from the pig?'
'From the chicken?'
'And from the cow'

Bill has the Frech class and some teachers assist it. They sit behing Bill.
The young teacher who was wearing a short skirt writes something on the blackboard and asks:
'Who can translate what I wrote?'
Nobody answers.
'Come on' she said.
Bill raises the hand.
'Say, Bill'
'This steady has such a sexy ass'
'Bill, for this you get 4'
Bill turnes around at the teachers who were behing him:
'You can't even talk Frech and you stii say the wrong answer!'

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Saturday, 7 January 2012

If Bill was Santa, I would never stop believeing in him and sending him letters! I would write him even in the summer, just to make sure that he knows exactly what I want!!!! Ok, when i first found this video on YouTube, I was something like 'Replay! Replay Replay!!!!!'. Bill has such a hot and sexy voice here <3 <3 <3

Friday, 6 January 2012

German Lessons with Tokio Hotel!

WE all know that Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav are really funny. They showed us this anytime they had teh chance, but they did it the best when they taught people some German words :)) I'm so sorry for those people, cuz they had no idea what they were saying. 'Zeig mir deine Pflame' is the one that TH used a lot and it means 'Show me your plum', but 'plum' isn't used for the fruit.... and I can't write such words here, but I guess everybody knows what it means here.
Here are some videos, so have fun and don't you ever tell somebody 'Zeig mir deine Pflame' if that person is from Germany or if  that person can speak German.