Monday, 25 July 2011

Hi, I am sorry because I dind't post anything for a long time, but I have some problems with people from Adsense. They say that I took something from other sites and posted on my blog. As far as I knew, all I wrote is as unique as possible. I decided to stop writing the story on my blog. Don't worry, because I also decided to wtite a book with this story, with Tokio Hotel. It will appear before or after Chirstmas ( like a presnet for you and for TH) in Romania. It will be written in English, so everybody can read it. Thank you very much for what you did and for what you still do for me and for Tokio Hotel, but everything has an end even if we want or we don't want. I am realyy happy becasue you were by my side, so thank you Romania, thank you Germany, thank you USA, thank you France, thank you Spain, thank you Hong Kong, thank you Hungaria, thank you Poland, thank you Italy, thank you Russia, thank you Netherland, thank you Brazil, thank you Mauritius, thank you Malaysia, thank you Saudi Arabia, thank you everybody who read my first 5 Chap. from my story.
I promise I won't be late with my story and I also promise that you would love it. If you have to tell me something, it doesn't matter what, you can wtite me here :
So, thank you a lot , Aliens!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

CHAP.5 ...and they are

Bill was really scared, maybe even worse than Helen. He wasn't walking too fast because he wanted that moment   to come as late as possible.
When he arrived near the stairs, he decided that crawling was a much better idea. He came closer and closer. His heart was wild, it was like it wanted to jump from his chest and to make all his blood to run faster and faster and then to stop much faster...
In the end, Bill dared to open his eyes and to look down. He saw a giant man, with a scar on his face. He was looking at the picture which was on the table. But he wasn't looking at the picture, he was looking at the dust which was not existing.
'What the mother f*** are other people doing in my house?!' shouted the man.
Bill couldn't even move, or breath. It was more than certan that he was the murderer. But what's about the letter? It was too beautiful. When Bill saw that the murderer left the living room swearing, he decided to come back to Helen.
Imagine how it is, when you know that the murderer could appear anytime in your face and then he could hit you. It's just terrifing.
Bill saw Helen staying there. She was the same like the last time he saw her. She was praying for life, for surviving and for the chance that the murderer doesn't exist.
'Helen' said Bill.
'What' asked Helen even if she could imagine what happened. She could see his face, it was looking like he just saw a ghost. But that time, the ghost had flash and bones and warm and an insane mind.
'We've been caught' said Bill finally.
'He saw the dust, didn't he?' asked Helen putting her hand on her head.
'Yeah' said Bill.
"What will we do?' asked Helen looking at Bill.
'We are supposed to survive a night. We can hide in a room.'
'No way! It seems that these rooms are made to catch people and to destroy their minds by memories. Some of them can even show you in a different way, even as a woman if you are a man'said Helen
'How do you know, honey?'
'Well, I never leave without my iPhone4' said Helen smiling. 'And it's something  magic and also scientifical about these rooms. If you jump in that room, you appear in another part of the house.'
'Wow, that's strange. Who made them?' asked Bill.
'Christopher Freeman. It seems that he was a mad scientist, even if he was through the best in the whole world. His problem was that he didn't want to use rats for his experiments'
'What was he using' asked Bill even if he alredy knew the answer.
'Human beeings' said Helen letting a feeling of sadness to be seen in her eyes.
'Why don't we call the police?'
'Yeah, it seems that he is dead for 3 years. I don't think that somebody will trust us.' said Helen scared.
'So, do you have any idea? I have one, but it's not about surviving, it's about you, me and a lot of time spent together, even if it might be the last night in our life'
'I'd love it honey, but I still want to breath tomorrow and I think that spending my whole life with you is a much better idea than spending just a night with you', said Helen putting her hand on his face.
Bill took her hand in his hand and kissed it with a lot of passion and a lot of love.
'So, my lady' started Bill wanting to be funny' Do you have any idea?'
'Let's call Tom and Sam' said Helen because that was the first idea she had.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Chap.4 Things seem to be bad...

CHAP.4 Things seem to be bad…
They entered another room and saw a man dressed in a pair of old trousers and a T-shirt with a hole. That man had dark short hair and facial hair. Even if his body was full of muscles because he worked a lot with his own arms, he had a nice face with feminine features. ‘Bill, hurry up! Do you want to miss the promised money? I am sure that this sand won’t move by itself.’
‘OMG! Is that me?’ asked Bill surprised.
‘Yeah, but you are still cute’ said Helen looking at the unknown Bill.
It was really strange. Working for money like normal people wasn’t too easy, but it was disgusting. Singing wasn’t easy, either, but Bill felt lucky because he had that gift.
He couldn’t imagine his life so different, but it seems that this is what he would work if he didn’t become a singer. How could he use his body like that?!
They got out and walked on the hall. Suddenly, they heard a noise. It was the house’s door. Somebody entered the house. Then, another noise was heard: a key. The door was locked.
Helen started shaking and took Bill’s hand in hers. Feeling in danger, Bill decided to go and to look at who came.
‘I must go, I have to check it out’ sad Bill.
‘No, Bill. It’s too dangerous. It might be the murder’ said Helen terrified.
‘We have to know who’s there. Maybe Tom and Sam are trying to scare us, or maybe we are in the same house with a murder.’
‘I don’t want to lose you’ cried Helen.
‘You won’t. I’ll be all right.’
‘Bill, truth or dare?’
‘Dare’ answered Bill looking at Helen with an empty sight, he was so scared, he really wanted to feel in safe , but he had to protect Helen for a night and then for a whole life.
‘Kiss me!’ said Helen thinking that it could be the last time when she saw Bill.
Bill hugged her and because she was shorter than him, he raised her and then he kissed her lovely. The full of love kiss was mixed with the full of pain tears. Love and pain were so good together, they were making them to live every second like the last one. Bill couldn’t let her down, that was what his heart was feeling, but his mind was telling him to stop because it was too dangerous to miss the time. He put Helen down and he looked one more time at her.
‘See you later!’ said Bill.
‘See you…I hope so’ said Helen.
Then, Bill turned around and let her there. Bill’s body was seen less and less, and after a few seconds she couldn’t see him anymore. Only his shadow was still painted on the wall. In a short time, Bill disappeared.
‘Please, Bill, survive!’ said Helen under her breath.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

CHAP.3 The rooms

CHAP.3 The rooms
Bill was really scared, where was Helen? He really wanted to find her, but he felt like some chains were pulling him in this room, in the baby’s room.
It was so strange… Bill liked children a lot, but he couldn’t have any because Tokio Hotel was his kid. He couldn’t take all his love and turn it into a baby, his love had to be so alone.
Suddenly, the room became less. Bill scared and opened the door fast. He got out and found Helen there waiting so beautiful, like always.
‘Why didn’t you come in?’ asked Bill.
‘I didn’t want to make you upset’ said Helen looking at him with a sad sight.
‘How can you make me upset?’ asked Bill confused .
‘By trying to kiss you’ answered Helen and then she opened another door.
Bill entered the same room. In that room there was a very young girl who was playing with a teddy-bear. Suddenly, an old woman appeared and took the bear from the girl’s hand and pulled her hair. The young girl started screaming and crying with tears full of pain. She was calling her mom while she was screaming, but that woman was telling her that nobody would help her this time.
Helen’ face was white like the snow. All her body was shaking and her eyes were full of pain. She couldn’t say anything, she felt a lot of horrible feelings because of some memories…
‘Helen, what happened?’ asked Bill.
‘It’s me… that girl is me…and the woman is my grandmother’ said Helen crying.
‘Your grandmother?! Did she hurt you like that?’ asked Bill like he was going to kill the woman who maybe was sleeping in the ground and enjoying the hell.
‘Yeah, she did. She hated me because she didn’t want my parents to get married. When my mom died, mu father had to work more and he didn’t have time for me. She liked hurting me…’ said Helen looking at Bill with her eyes full of tears.
Bill hugged her and kissed her hair. He felt so happy when he did it, he felt like this night was just going to start, he felt like his life was going to start.
Helen raised her head and looked at Bill like a kid, so did Bill. Then, Bill kissed her closing his eyes. Helen was surprised, she had no idea what to do, so she let her feelings to control her body. She put her hands on Bill’s back and hugged him like she never ever did it again. That was the most beautiful hug she ever felt. She wished this moment not to end, to last forever and forever again…
Helen had no idea why, but she felt a horrible headache . She couldn’t kiss Bill anymore. She went in another corner of the room and put her hands on her head screaming. In her mind, a lot of memories were seen like a movie, but only bad memories. She felt like an insane person. She couldn’t stop screaming, it was too hard to stand that pain.
‘Bill, help me!’ shouted Helen. ‘ My grandma is killing me’
Bill had no idea what to do. What was actually happening? Why were those rooms showing them parts on their minds? Bill came closer and took her in his arms. She was shaking worse and worse and she was cold like the ice. Then, they left the room while Bill was still holding her in his arms.
‘It’s ok, Helen. I am here, I will protect you. Calm down’ said Bill trying to make her to forget about what happened.
Both of them were lying on the floor next to another door. Helen felt better after a few minutes.
‘Bill, thanks’ said she.
‘I will be always there for you, I will always protect you’ said Bill with a hot voice.
‘Why’ asked Helen.
‘Because I love you’ said Bill.
‘I love you too’ said Helen and she put her lips on his lips.
Bill hugged her and put her on his knees. He put his hands around her waist and let his heart to do what she felt. It was so special to feel how the loved person shows her love in a special way. They were doing everything together, they were breathing together, they were moving their hands together, they were loving together.
‘Bill, has anybody told you that your eyes are very beautiful?’
‘Yeah, but nobody did it like you. This time I didn’t even notice because I lost myself in your eyes.’
‘Bill, truth or dare?’ asked Helen standing up.
‘Dare’ said Bill standing up too.
‘Let’s open the next door’ said Helen.
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah! Please, Bill’
Helen didn’t have to say it one more time. Bill opened the door and let her to come in. Then, he entered the room too. This time, they saw a man and a pregnant woman. They were very happy together. They were lying on a bed and the man was moving his hand on the woman’s stomach. ‘Bill’ the woman said ‘ Are you happy?’ ‘I have never ever been happier, Helen. I am so happy to spend my whole life with you.’
‘Bill, can you see?’ asked Helen. ‘It’s us!’ shouted Helen happily.
‘Yeah, it’s us’ said Bill a little confused.
‘What happened? Aren’t you happy?’
‘I am, but I thought that Tokio Hotel was my baby’
‘You never know what the fate wrote for you. Maybe this is a way just for a time and then you’ll have another way. Or maybe those ways will meet and will make a perfect way’ said Helen hugging Bill.
‘Helen, let’s enter another room!’ said Bill with a happy voice.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

CHAP.2 The house

It was dark inside, and the house seemed to be left for a whole life. The dust was lying alone like it was the owner of the house. The windows were so big, but they were covered by spider webs and the spiders were moving very fast.
Near the stairs, there was a table covered with dust. On the table there was a picture. Bill took it and dusted it. He could see a man with dark short hair, blue eyes and a scare from the right eye to the lips.
‘Helen, come here!’
‘What is it?’ asked Helen coming closer.
‘Look what I’ve found.’
‘Wow, he’s a horrible man. He had a really strange sight, he looked like a murder.’
‘Are you scared?’ asked Bill feeling a terrifying feeling inside him.
‘Just a little. What time is it?’ asked Helen looking for her phone in her trousers.
Bill couldn’t answer anymore, because an old clock sounded for 8 times with an old voice, which was heard from the living room.
They went in the living room and saw a giant old clock in a corner, a giant library, a sofa and a coffee table. On the table there was a notebook. Bill opened it and saw a lot of written papers.
‘What does it write?’ asked Helen.
‘It’s a love letter’ said Bill blushing.
Helen felt that Bill blushed even if it was very dark.
‘Read it loud, please’ said Helen.
Bill felt a lovely feeling in his heart, he couldn’t read it loud because he saw that the name of the girl the letter was written for was Helen. What a strange coincidence!
‘I… I can’t’ said Bill with his shaking voice.
‘Please, Bill’ said Helen looking at him with her very blue eyes.
Even if Bill didn’t see them very well, he could feel that he was just loosing himself in them, because they were so deep, so deep. And that ‘Please, Bill’ was so sweet. That was like it was the most beautiful sentence where his name was used and Helen’s voice was a very beautiful song to him, it was an angelic voice.
‘Ok, I read it’
                                                   Dear Helen,
I have never seen anything like you. You are like a star in a dark sky, you are like the sun in a rainy night, you are like the love for a lonely soul like mine.
It’s the first time when I tell something like this to a woman. I feel a lot of lovely feelings in my heart which is full of pain. I feel I need you like I need the air. I fell in love with you, my dear Helen. I don’t care that you are so far, I love you and I will always do it. I don’t even know if you will answer this letter, but I would be happy if you just read it’
Bill felt how a tear fell on his face. It was so beautiful, the way he wrote the letter impressed him.
‘He can’t be a murder’ said Bill crying.
‘Why not?’ asked Helen.
‘Because he writes to beautiful, his soul is too beautiful. You can’t write something like this without feeling something’ said Bill crying worse.
‘Bill, don’t cry!’ said Helen taking the notebook and putting it on the table. ‘Sit down on the sofa’
Even if the sofa was also full of dust, Bill sat down because he felt that he was going t fall in knees. Helen sat down too. Bill was breathing very hard and he was thinking just about that letter. It was like what he felt for his Helen, but he didn’t want to say it.
‘Bill, are you ok?’ asked Helen worried.
‘Yes, but can we stay here a few minutes?’ asked Bill putting his hand on his chest, showing in this way that he couldn’t breath.
‘We can stay here as much as you need’ said Helen.
In Helen’s soul, something strange was happening. It was the first time when she was feeling lovely feeling for a guy. But Bill was her boss, it was not so nice that a make-up artist to fall in love with her boss. But she liked Bill and she couldn’t control her heart. Helen moved closer and put his hand on Bill’s shoulder. She felt that Bill started shaking, but she put the another hand on his face. Bill reacted by shaking worse. When she tried to kiss him, Bill raised and said:
‘Ok, I’m fine. Let’s go upstairs.’
The stairs had a strange sound, every step seemed to be so dangerous. They arrived in a long hall which was the space between so many rooms. Bill entered a room. It was not so big, it had a lot of toys, a little bed for a baby… Bill felt again a strange feeling, the one that he would never have a child. On the bed, there was a suit  for a baby-boy.
‘Look at it!’ said Bill. ‘Could you believe that all of us are so little, that all of us have such tiny hands.’
Nobody answered.
Bill turned around and saw that Helen wasn’t there.
‘Helen?! Where are you?!’ shouted Bill terrified.

Friday, 15 July 2011

                                         Truth or dare?
CHAP.1 The dare
It was a dark and a rainy night. The wind was the only who was walking down the street screaming so alone.
But from the dark appear some shadows. It was not normal for such a wet and windy night. All of them had an EMO style, except a boy who had a hip-hop style. That boy, Tom, threw away an empty  bottle of alcohol. All of them were drunk, except a boy, Bill, and a girl, Helen.
Rain was falling so loud, it was singing with a lot of tears full of pain. It was a perfect silence, but suddenly it was destroyed by the voice of a guy, Sam.
‘Hey, Bill! Do you want to hear a horror story?’ asked he because he knew that Bill was a little scared by such horrible things.
‘Ok...’said Bill, but he was not so sure that he wanted to hear.
‘Ten years ago, it this town, there was a guy who got married to 3 women. Nobody knew why, but after the honey month, his wife never came back. All the children were scared of him because he used to keep their balls , to cut the cat’s tails and not to let nobody inside. Unfortunately, a little boy entered his house when it was Halloween. His parents tried to find out what happened, but after 3 years they were killed. The murder was not found, even if everybody thought that that guy killed them’ said Sam with a strange voice.
‘Shut your mouth!’ shouted Helen. ‘You scare him.’
‘Oh, come on, Helen. He is always scared by his hair in the mirror’ said Sam.
‘Do you remember me why you came with us?’ asked Helen angrily.
‘It’s simple. I am your brother, and you are Bill’s make-up artist. I have to protect you’ said Sam laughing.
‘Hey, guys! Let’s play truth or dare!’ said Tom.
‘Ok, but let me first! Let me first! Let me first me me me me!’ said Sam.
‘Ok, ok. Just stop shouting.’ Said Tom.
‘Bill, truth or dare?’ asked Sam.
‘Truth’ said Bill.
‘Do you like my sister?’
Bill blushed and smiled a little.
‘I don’t want to answer this question’ said Bill seeing that Helen was looking at him waiting for an answer.
‘Ok, but this time you have to accept. So, truth or dare?’
‘Dare’ chose Bill because he wanted to impress Helen.
‘You must spend a night in the murder’s house’ said Sam using the same strange voice.
Bill stopped walking, he felt how his blood was running through his body and how his heart wanted to get out of his chest. Helen felt the same feeling, even if Sam didn’t tell her to do that.
‘Bill, you don’t have to do that. It’s just a game’ said Helen with a worried voice.
‘I know but I want to’ said Bill. ‘Oh my God, what am I doing? What am I saying?’ thought Bill. ‘I can’t do that, I am too scared.’
‘Then I will come with you’ said Helen being very decided.
When all of these were said, all of them went to the murder’s house. Of course, Sam knew where it was. It was in a forest. It was a giant and old house, with black fences. The house had a garden which seemed to be live by ghosts. Near a place where a person had to sleep forever in the ground, without being able to breath, to move, to fell, to love a giant and strange tree was raising without his body to be able to decide something to the sky. Dead plants, stones, strange birds and the cry of the gates were inviting everybody to go away.
Bill thought one more time, but he really wanted to seem braver than a girl.  Walking very slowly on the carpet of dead plants, they arrived at the doors of the house.
‘This is it. You survive a night, and I am not going to make jokes about your hair or about your hidden feelings about my sister’ said Sam.
Bill was waiting for Tom to say something, but he was very silent. Suddenly, he said:
‘I hope you will survive because you threw a lot of money for make-up and so on’
‘Like you for condoms’ said Bill trying to laugh.
‘See you in the next life’ said Sam to Helen.
‘Go to the hell’ said Helen.
‘This is my sister! I hope you will be the same when you will die’
‘And I hope I will be the only child forever. Tom, please just kill him.’
Saying these things, Bill and Helen entered the house.
‘I am sure that my sister will be your brother’s girlfriend after this night’
‘It’s like you would say that I have some condoms in my trousers’ said Tom laughing.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tom and his new girlfriend

Tom kaulitz was caught with his new girlfriend in L.A. Her name is Ria  Sommerfeld and she lived in Hamburg. It seems that she knew Tom for a year (they met in a club) and kept their relationship a secret. What can we say? She is pretty, she was Miss. Philladelphia. Ria is older than Tom with 6 years. Will this relationship spend more than a night or it is just a game like many others?