Monday, 18 July 2011

Chap.4 Things seem to be bad...

CHAP.4 Things seem to be bad…
They entered another room and saw a man dressed in a pair of old trousers and a T-shirt with a hole. That man had dark short hair and facial hair. Even if his body was full of muscles because he worked a lot with his own arms, he had a nice face with feminine features. ‘Bill, hurry up! Do you want to miss the promised money? I am sure that this sand won’t move by itself.’
‘OMG! Is that me?’ asked Bill surprised.
‘Yeah, but you are still cute’ said Helen looking at the unknown Bill.
It was really strange. Working for money like normal people wasn’t too easy, but it was disgusting. Singing wasn’t easy, either, but Bill felt lucky because he had that gift.
He couldn’t imagine his life so different, but it seems that this is what he would work if he didn’t become a singer. How could he use his body like that?!
They got out and walked on the hall. Suddenly, they heard a noise. It was the house’s door. Somebody entered the house. Then, another noise was heard: a key. The door was locked.
Helen started shaking and took Bill’s hand in hers. Feeling in danger, Bill decided to go and to look at who came.
‘I must go, I have to check it out’ sad Bill.
‘No, Bill. It’s too dangerous. It might be the murder’ said Helen terrified.
‘We have to know who’s there. Maybe Tom and Sam are trying to scare us, or maybe we are in the same house with a murder.’
‘I don’t want to lose you’ cried Helen.
‘You won’t. I’ll be all right.’
‘Bill, truth or dare?’
‘Dare’ answered Bill looking at Helen with an empty sight, he was so scared, he really wanted to feel in safe , but he had to protect Helen for a night and then for a whole life.
‘Kiss me!’ said Helen thinking that it could be the last time when she saw Bill.
Bill hugged her and because she was shorter than him, he raised her and then he kissed her lovely. The full of love kiss was mixed with the full of pain tears. Love and pain were so good together, they were making them to live every second like the last one. Bill couldn’t let her down, that was what his heart was feeling, but his mind was telling him to stop because it was too dangerous to miss the time. He put Helen down and he looked one more time at her.
‘See you later!’ said Bill.
‘See you…I hope so’ said Helen.
Then, Bill turned around and let her there. Bill’s body was seen less and less, and after a few seconds she couldn’t see him anymore. Only his shadow was still painted on the wall. In a short time, Bill disappeared.
‘Please, Bill, survive!’ said Helen under her breath.

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