Monday, 9 January 2012

Bill found his DREAM GIRL!!!!

Ok.... if he really thinks that a tue love could be found in a strip club, then we have to accept it. Well, what could I say? She's blonde, she's almost naked.... why shouldn't boys like her? She really respects herself.

Anyway, remember that Bill made a joke, saying that Tom and Ria were going to get marriage (it's not true, it's just a joke). Maybe ( but for sure), Tom is doing the same thing. The strange part is that Bill is playing Tom's game.... Imagine that they could stay face to face and  post on the Alien Wall just like they weren't together :))  I wish I could see that.
They always had the gift of making us so curious, but they have never shared something about their private life (except Tom... who maybe said too many :))) ). It's something we really have to appreciate. They just know that their private life is just theirs and we as fans don't have to know really everything about it.
Just cuz we're fans, it doesn't mean that we have something to say about their feeling and so on.... but this doesn't stop us to talk. We can say what we think, ofc, but we don't have to think that our points of view will change something.
Ok, when you fisrt see that, as a fan... you're kinda shocked, but you start laughing (that happened to me, and I'm a huge fan). You need to say everything you think and you just say it.... even if you have to tell that to your mom who isn't that interested in TH or to your younger sister who doesn't even want to hear about them. But then, you use to this idea and you start thinking 'So what?' It's like the story with Bill and blonde hair. Does the fact that he has blonde hair affect us? No! Does the fact that he might find love in a streapteuse affect us? No!
So.... if it's just a twins' joke, it was funny and scary and the same moment (I think that this is the perfect joke, funny and scary), but if it's real, I'm happy cuz he found his true love!


  1. Oh,pe buneeee?Cand am citit stirea asta nu m-am putut abtine sa nu rad.Se tachineaza reciproc.Intr-un club de streptease?WTF?Ce cauta ei intr-un asemenea loc?:))
    Oh Tom,tu si tachinarile tale:))True love auzi la el=))Asa fete mai rar=))
    And Bill:Don't do it!I'm too shy!Pe bune?/:)
    Ah baietii astia intr-o zi or sa ma omoare!!xD

  2. dar dn toate fetele din lume tocmai pe asta a gasit-o?! daca era asa de timid,atunci cum a reusit sa intre intr-un club de streptease? :)) cum am spus, este alegerea lui.... ar seamana mai mult cu a lui Tom :))
    si a spus la un moment dat ca se ce este n interior marita numarat, dar da-o naibii de treaba ca el are 22 de ani si aia 30 sigur ara :)) a mai scris una 'mie mi-ar trebui 40 de ani ca sa arat ca ea' tot respectul pentru tipa aia :))))