Friday, 27 January 2012

No more long nails, no more nail polish! Could it be possible?! :))

Ok, I have to admt first and first that Bill has nice hands, for the fact that his nails aren't dirty, something that doesn't happen to often when it's about a guy. This is what's happening on BTK App. I don't hav eit yet and I won't, but thanks my friend from USA who posts these photos on FB, so I can take them and post them right here just for you!
I also want to say that those rings are amazing, even if they're big. They're special and the way they change their form while the finger is moving makes them really IN. It seems that we kinda found out something that we wouldn't have found out without this App. We found out which is Bill's  favourite type of coffee. Hmmm, he smokes, he drinks coffee.... even if I'm a fan I don't smoke and I don't drink coffee either. Some of the people do believe that being a fan means doing anything that your favourite singer does. Sorry? No, I can't accept that, just cuz I have my own way of being, I don't need to do what the others do. Anyway, if tehre are so many people who drink coffee and who smoke, why do I have to be like them? It makes sense ;)
I know this is gonna sound crazy, but at the moment I'm comparing my hand with his :)) Mine is so small... and his is so big. His fingers are so long! They reminds me about my cousin's, Christopher. I think that it would be kinda difficult for him to hold my hand even if we just met at a Meet&Greet :)) I guess his hand would cover mine :))
Anyway, he still has very beautiful hands. I noticed taht he gave up at the long nails, at the nail polish.

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