Sunday, 15 January 2012

Don't worry, you are not missing anything!

I can’t hide myself of everything these people are talking about. That information is really everywhere, everywhere! BTK App for iPhone will appear tomorrow. Wow, shall I start screaming right now? AS a fan, I’m supposed to do it, but I have to remember that I’m a person, before being a fan. A person has real dreams, dreams which will make his future a good one, which will bring him money, a home, food!
Today I’ve just found out that my cousin bought a tablet with Android. And guess what? She’s home! And she told me that I could download the BTK App. I didn’t want to! Why? Just for the fact that Bill and Tom won’t know that I exist even if I use that thing. There are thousands of people who use it, do you really think that they will even know your name?
It’s just something fashionable, which doesn’t help us. Does the thing that we post something on the Alien Wall help us? We don’t win anything, we don’t get into their world if we use the BTK App, we just find out things that we would find out anyway.
The second reason I didn’t want to download it even if I had the chance to, is the fact that I had to pay for it. Wait wait wait! This is supposed to be something that helps me to find out some things earlier and that helps me cuz I am supposed to talk to Kaulitz twins. Why do I have to pay for something that I could find out from TV, from my armchair or from magazines?  
Some of us, who think about more than the others want we to, ask ourselves: where do that money go? Because we pay to use it a month, and then, if we still want to, we have to pay some money per month.  Imagine how much money they earn!  Imagine that we give some money that we could use in different ways, just to see our names on the Alien Wall. Anyway, they don’t take all the money, they have to share it with Apple. We don’t even know if Bill and Tom post the messages. They are supposed to work for their new album. They might be close friends of them, or something like that.
What I want you to understand is that I AM NOT SAYING THAT THEY USE US, but they’re doing this cuz people stared forgetting about them and they needed something to bring them kinda back and to give them more time to work for the album.
Some of you are going to say that I’m crazy or that I’m a fake fan, but I have to say that I’m not living with the dream of talking  to them, because for them, I’m just a FAN, not  a friend.
I wrote this thinking about the girls who are crying cuz they can’t use BTK App, because I can’t stand the fact that their eyes can’t be opened by their own minds. Girls, you are not missing anything! You’ll know the  things that the ones who use BTK App know, you’ll keep listening to TH, you’ll keep following the TH forum, you won’t be changed if you don’t use it, or even if you use it! You won’t be turned into super fans, or something like that.
Keep being who you are, keep dreaming about your own future! Don’t turn into little Barbie dolls without brain who think that they’re smarter or more special if they have iPhones, or Androids.

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