Monday, 9 January 2012


Bill and Tom Kaulitz meet and Bill sees that Tom's eye is bruised.
'What happened?' Bill asked.
'My girlfriend hit me'
''Cause I told her <<you>>'
'Is that all?' Bill asked confused.
'Well, we were watching TV and she told me that we hadn't sex for 2 days. And I told her << Maybe you>>'

The teacher asks Tom:
'What do we have from the pig?'
'From the chicken?'
'And from the cow'

Bill has the Frech class and some teachers assist it. They sit behing Bill.
The young teacher who was wearing a short skirt writes something on the blackboard and asks:
'Who can translate what I wrote?'
Nobody answers.
'Come on' she said.
Bill raises the hand.
'Say, Bill'
'This steady has such a sexy ass'
'Bill, for this you get 4'
Bill turnes around at the teachers who were behing him:
'You can't even talk Frech and you stii say the wrong answer!'

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