Saturday, 16 July 2011

CHAP.2 The house

It was dark inside, and the house seemed to be left for a whole life. The dust was lying alone like it was the owner of the house. The windows were so big, but they were covered by spider webs and the spiders were moving very fast.
Near the stairs, there was a table covered with dust. On the table there was a picture. Bill took it and dusted it. He could see a man with dark short hair, blue eyes and a scare from the right eye to the lips.
‘Helen, come here!’
‘What is it?’ asked Helen coming closer.
‘Look what I’ve found.’
‘Wow, he’s a horrible man. He had a really strange sight, he looked like a murder.’
‘Are you scared?’ asked Bill feeling a terrifying feeling inside him.
‘Just a little. What time is it?’ asked Helen looking for her phone in her trousers.
Bill couldn’t answer anymore, because an old clock sounded for 8 times with an old voice, which was heard from the living room.
They went in the living room and saw a giant old clock in a corner, a giant library, a sofa and a coffee table. On the table there was a notebook. Bill opened it and saw a lot of written papers.
‘What does it write?’ asked Helen.
‘It’s a love letter’ said Bill blushing.
Helen felt that Bill blushed even if it was very dark.
‘Read it loud, please’ said Helen.
Bill felt a lovely feeling in his heart, he couldn’t read it loud because he saw that the name of the girl the letter was written for was Helen. What a strange coincidence!
‘I… I can’t’ said Bill with his shaking voice.
‘Please, Bill’ said Helen looking at him with her very blue eyes.
Even if Bill didn’t see them very well, he could feel that he was just loosing himself in them, because they were so deep, so deep. And that ‘Please, Bill’ was so sweet. That was like it was the most beautiful sentence where his name was used and Helen’s voice was a very beautiful song to him, it was an angelic voice.
‘Ok, I read it’
                                                   Dear Helen,
I have never seen anything like you. You are like a star in a dark sky, you are like the sun in a rainy night, you are like the love for a lonely soul like mine.
It’s the first time when I tell something like this to a woman. I feel a lot of lovely feelings in my heart which is full of pain. I feel I need you like I need the air. I fell in love with you, my dear Helen. I don’t care that you are so far, I love you and I will always do it. I don’t even know if you will answer this letter, but I would be happy if you just read it’
Bill felt how a tear fell on his face. It was so beautiful, the way he wrote the letter impressed him.
‘He can’t be a murder’ said Bill crying.
‘Why not?’ asked Helen.
‘Because he writes to beautiful, his soul is too beautiful. You can’t write something like this without feeling something’ said Bill crying worse.
‘Bill, don’t cry!’ said Helen taking the notebook and putting it on the table. ‘Sit down on the sofa’
Even if the sofa was also full of dust, Bill sat down because he felt that he was going t fall in knees. Helen sat down too. Bill was breathing very hard and he was thinking just about that letter. It was like what he felt for his Helen, but he didn’t want to say it.
‘Bill, are you ok?’ asked Helen worried.
‘Yes, but can we stay here a few minutes?’ asked Bill putting his hand on his chest, showing in this way that he couldn’t breath.
‘We can stay here as much as you need’ said Helen.
In Helen’s soul, something strange was happening. It was the first time when she was feeling lovely feeling for a guy. But Bill was her boss, it was not so nice that a make-up artist to fall in love with her boss. But she liked Bill and she couldn’t control her heart. Helen moved closer and put his hand on Bill’s shoulder. She felt that Bill started shaking, but she put the another hand on his face. Bill reacted by shaking worse. When she tried to kiss him, Bill raised and said:
‘Ok, I’m fine. Let’s go upstairs.’
The stairs had a strange sound, every step seemed to be so dangerous. They arrived in a long hall which was the space between so many rooms. Bill entered a room. It was not so big, it had a lot of toys, a little bed for a baby… Bill felt again a strange feeling, the one that he would never have a child. On the bed, there was a suit  for a baby-boy.
‘Look at it!’ said Bill. ‘Could you believe that all of us are so little, that all of us have such tiny hands.’
Nobody answered.
Bill turned around and saw that Helen wasn’t there.
‘Helen?! Where are you?!’ shouted Bill terrified.

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  1. That part with Helen and Bill was so sweeet.I don't know why but I've never could write love stories because of these parts...they just don't represent me.ButI like to read them and this chapter was amazing,though nothing know what I mean...I mean,where's the action?