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CHAP.3 The rooms

CHAP.3 The rooms
Bill was really scared, where was Helen? He really wanted to find her, but he felt like some chains were pulling him in this room, in the baby’s room.
It was so strange… Bill liked children a lot, but he couldn’t have any because Tokio Hotel was his kid. He couldn’t take all his love and turn it into a baby, his love had to be so alone.
Suddenly, the room became less. Bill scared and opened the door fast. He got out and found Helen there waiting so beautiful, like always.
‘Why didn’t you come in?’ asked Bill.
‘I didn’t want to make you upset’ said Helen looking at him with a sad sight.
‘How can you make me upset?’ asked Bill confused .
‘By trying to kiss you’ answered Helen and then she opened another door.
Bill entered the same room. In that room there was a very young girl who was playing with a teddy-bear. Suddenly, an old woman appeared and took the bear from the girl’s hand and pulled her hair. The young girl started screaming and crying with tears full of pain. She was calling her mom while she was screaming, but that woman was telling her that nobody would help her this time.
Helen’ face was white like the snow. All her body was shaking and her eyes were full of pain. She couldn’t say anything, she felt a lot of horrible feelings because of some memories…
‘Helen, what happened?’ asked Bill.
‘It’s me… that girl is me…and the woman is my grandmother’ said Helen crying.
‘Your grandmother?! Did she hurt you like that?’ asked Bill like he was going to kill the woman who maybe was sleeping in the ground and enjoying the hell.
‘Yeah, she did. She hated me because she didn’t want my parents to get married. When my mom died, mu father had to work more and he didn’t have time for me. She liked hurting me…’ said Helen looking at Bill with her eyes full of tears.
Bill hugged her and kissed her hair. He felt so happy when he did it, he felt like this night was just going to start, he felt like his life was going to start.
Helen raised her head and looked at Bill like a kid, so did Bill. Then, Bill kissed her closing his eyes. Helen was surprised, she had no idea what to do, so she let her feelings to control her body. She put her hands on Bill’s back and hugged him like she never ever did it again. That was the most beautiful hug she ever felt. She wished this moment not to end, to last forever and forever again…
Helen had no idea why, but she felt a horrible headache . She couldn’t kiss Bill anymore. She went in another corner of the room and put her hands on her head screaming. In her mind, a lot of memories were seen like a movie, but only bad memories. She felt like an insane person. She couldn’t stop screaming, it was too hard to stand that pain.
‘Bill, help me!’ shouted Helen. ‘ My grandma is killing me’
Bill had no idea what to do. What was actually happening? Why were those rooms showing them parts on their minds? Bill came closer and took her in his arms. She was shaking worse and worse and she was cold like the ice. Then, they left the room while Bill was still holding her in his arms.
‘It’s ok, Helen. I am here, I will protect you. Calm down’ said Bill trying to make her to forget about what happened.
Both of them were lying on the floor next to another door. Helen felt better after a few minutes.
‘Bill, thanks’ said she.
‘I will be always there for you, I will always protect you’ said Bill with a hot voice.
‘Why’ asked Helen.
‘Because I love you’ said Bill.
‘I love you too’ said Helen and she put her lips on his lips.
Bill hugged her and put her on his knees. He put his hands around her waist and let his heart to do what she felt. It was so special to feel how the loved person shows her love in a special way. They were doing everything together, they were breathing together, they were moving their hands together, they were loving together.
‘Bill, has anybody told you that your eyes are very beautiful?’
‘Yeah, but nobody did it like you. This time I didn’t even notice because I lost myself in your eyes.’
‘Bill, truth or dare?’ asked Helen standing up.
‘Dare’ said Bill standing up too.
‘Let’s open the next door’ said Helen.
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah! Please, Bill’
Helen didn’t have to say it one more time. Bill opened the door and let her to come in. Then, he entered the room too. This time, they saw a man and a pregnant woman. They were very happy together. They were lying on a bed and the man was moving his hand on the woman’s stomach. ‘Bill’ the woman said ‘ Are you happy?’ ‘I have never ever been happier, Helen. I am so happy to spend my whole life with you.’
‘Bill, can you see?’ asked Helen. ‘It’s us!’ shouted Helen happily.
‘Yeah, it’s us’ said Bill a little confused.
‘What happened? Aren’t you happy?’
‘I am, but I thought that Tokio Hotel was my baby’
‘You never know what the fate wrote for you. Maybe this is a way just for a time and then you’ll have another way. Or maybe those ways will meet and will make a perfect way’ said Helen hugging Bill.
‘Helen, let’s enter another room!’ said Bill with a happy voice.

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