Friday, 15 July 2011

                                         Truth or dare?
CHAP.1 The dare
It was a dark and a rainy night. The wind was the only who was walking down the street screaming so alone.
But from the dark appear some shadows. It was not normal for such a wet and windy night. All of them had an EMO style, except a boy who had a hip-hop style. That boy, Tom, threw away an empty  bottle of alcohol. All of them were drunk, except a boy, Bill, and a girl, Helen.
Rain was falling so loud, it was singing with a lot of tears full of pain. It was a perfect silence, but suddenly it was destroyed by the voice of a guy, Sam.
‘Hey, Bill! Do you want to hear a horror story?’ asked he because he knew that Bill was a little scared by such horrible things.
‘Ok...’said Bill, but he was not so sure that he wanted to hear.
‘Ten years ago, it this town, there was a guy who got married to 3 women. Nobody knew why, but after the honey month, his wife never came back. All the children were scared of him because he used to keep their balls , to cut the cat’s tails and not to let nobody inside. Unfortunately, a little boy entered his house when it was Halloween. His parents tried to find out what happened, but after 3 years they were killed. The murder was not found, even if everybody thought that that guy killed them’ said Sam with a strange voice.
‘Shut your mouth!’ shouted Helen. ‘You scare him.’
‘Oh, come on, Helen. He is always scared by his hair in the mirror’ said Sam.
‘Do you remember me why you came with us?’ asked Helen angrily.
‘It’s simple. I am your brother, and you are Bill’s make-up artist. I have to protect you’ said Sam laughing.
‘Hey, guys! Let’s play truth or dare!’ said Tom.
‘Ok, but let me first! Let me first! Let me first me me me me!’ said Sam.
‘Ok, ok. Just stop shouting.’ Said Tom.
‘Bill, truth or dare?’ asked Sam.
‘Truth’ said Bill.
‘Do you like my sister?’
Bill blushed and smiled a little.
‘I don’t want to answer this question’ said Bill seeing that Helen was looking at him waiting for an answer.
‘Ok, but this time you have to accept. So, truth or dare?’
‘Dare’ chose Bill because he wanted to impress Helen.
‘You must spend a night in the murder’s house’ said Sam using the same strange voice.
Bill stopped walking, he felt how his blood was running through his body and how his heart wanted to get out of his chest. Helen felt the same feeling, even if Sam didn’t tell her to do that.
‘Bill, you don’t have to do that. It’s just a game’ said Helen with a worried voice.
‘I know but I want to’ said Bill. ‘Oh my God, what am I doing? What am I saying?’ thought Bill. ‘I can’t do that, I am too scared.’
‘Then I will come with you’ said Helen being very decided.
When all of these were said, all of them went to the murder’s house. Of course, Sam knew where it was. It was in a forest. It was a giant and old house, with black fences. The house had a garden which seemed to be live by ghosts. Near a place where a person had to sleep forever in the ground, without being able to breath, to move, to fell, to love a giant and strange tree was raising without his body to be able to decide something to the sky. Dead plants, stones, strange birds and the cry of the gates were inviting everybody to go away.
Bill thought one more time, but he really wanted to seem braver than a girl.  Walking very slowly on the carpet of dead plants, they arrived at the doors of the house.
‘This is it. You survive a night, and I am not going to make jokes about your hair or about your hidden feelings about my sister’ said Sam.
Bill was waiting for Tom to say something, but he was very silent. Suddenly, he said:
‘I hope you will survive because you threw a lot of money for make-up and so on’
‘Like you for condoms’ said Bill trying to laugh.
‘See you in the next life’ said Sam to Helen.
‘Go to the hell’ said Helen.
‘This is my sister! I hope you will be the same when you will die’
‘And I hope I will be the only child forever. Tom, please just kill him.’
Saying these things, Bill and Helen entered the house.
‘I am sure that my sister will be your brother’s girlfriend after this night’
‘It’s like you would say that I have some condoms in my trousers’ said Tom laughing.

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  1. The first part with that murderer was really I'm sleeping in another room,not in mine which I find a bit creppy I can't explain why and I can't sleep...I'm afraid of any shadow or sound...and I love the funny more!