Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tom and his new girlfriend

Tom kaulitz was caught with his new girlfriend in L.A. Her name is Ria  Sommerfeld and she lived in Hamburg. It seems that she knew Tom for a year (they met in a club) and kept their relationship a secret. What can we say? She is pretty, she was Miss. Philladelphia. Ria is older than Tom with 6 years. Will this relationship spend more than a night or it is just a game like many others?


  1. She is so fake. Why boys like this type of girl?
    I don't know what the hell he saw at her.

  2. hi, Jessie! I'm so sorry cause I didn't answer your question, but it's the first time when I see your comment. Starting now, I'll check your comments daily, I promise!

    Well, the answer is very simple. He saw her ass, her boobs and ofc, it's all about sex! :)) I mean... you're right, she's so fake, so these are the only things Tom could see at her.