Wednesday, 20 July 2011

CHAP.5 ...and they are

Bill was really scared, maybe even worse than Helen. He wasn't walking too fast because he wanted that moment   to come as late as possible.
When he arrived near the stairs, he decided that crawling was a much better idea. He came closer and closer. His heart was wild, it was like it wanted to jump from his chest and to make all his blood to run faster and faster and then to stop much faster...
In the end, Bill dared to open his eyes and to look down. He saw a giant man, with a scar on his face. He was looking at the picture which was on the table. But he wasn't looking at the picture, he was looking at the dust which was not existing.
'What the mother f*** are other people doing in my house?!' shouted the man.
Bill couldn't even move, or breath. It was more than certan that he was the murderer. But what's about the letter? It was too beautiful. When Bill saw that the murderer left the living room swearing, he decided to come back to Helen.
Imagine how it is, when you know that the murderer could appear anytime in your face and then he could hit you. It's just terrifing.
Bill saw Helen staying there. She was the same like the last time he saw her. She was praying for life, for surviving and for the chance that the murderer doesn't exist.
'Helen' said Bill.
'What' asked Helen even if she could imagine what happened. She could see his face, it was looking like he just saw a ghost. But that time, the ghost had flash and bones and warm and an insane mind.
'We've been caught' said Bill finally.
'He saw the dust, didn't he?' asked Helen putting her hand on her head.
'Yeah' said Bill.
"What will we do?' asked Helen looking at Bill.
'We are supposed to survive a night. We can hide in a room.'
'No way! It seems that these rooms are made to catch people and to destroy their minds by memories. Some of them can even show you in a different way, even as a woman if you are a man'said Helen
'How do you know, honey?'
'Well, I never leave without my iPhone4' said Helen smiling. 'And it's something  magic and also scientifical about these rooms. If you jump in that room, you appear in another part of the house.'
'Wow, that's strange. Who made them?' asked Bill.
'Christopher Freeman. It seems that he was a mad scientist, even if he was through the best in the whole world. His problem was that he didn't want to use rats for his experiments'
'What was he using' asked Bill even if he alredy knew the answer.
'Human beeings' said Helen letting a feeling of sadness to be seen in her eyes.
'Why don't we call the police?'
'Yeah, it seems that he is dead for 3 years. I don't think that somebody will trust us.' said Helen scared.
'So, do you have any idea? I have one, but it's not about surviving, it's about you, me and a lot of time spent together, even if it might be the last night in our life'
'I'd love it honey, but I still want to breath tomorrow and I think that spending my whole life with you is a much better idea than spending just a night with you', said Helen putting her hand on his face.
Bill took her hand in his hand and kissed it with a lot of passion and a lot of love.
'So, my lady' started Bill wanting to be funny' Do you have any idea?'
'Let's call Tom and Sam' said Helen because that was the first idea she had.

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  1. It''s's...beautiful.You have imagination...a lot of imagination.Write more!!!I'm looking forward to see what's gonna happen in the next chapter.But again MORE ACTION!!!