Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bill Kaulitz

Name: Bill Kaulitz
Date/Place of birth: September 1st 1989, Leipzig
Siblings: Identical twin brother Tom
Height: Almoust 188 cm
Eyes/hair: Brown/Black
Tatoos/Piercings:Eyebroe ,Tongue and Nose pierced. Tatoos: Back of neck-TH Logo, Lower right pelvis-  Star, Left forearm- Freihet89
Idols:no idol
First concert: Nena
First album: Nena's
Greatest wish: Freedom to no end and a life filled with music for ever
Favourite part of TH:Performing new songs I've just written
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
1st thing in the morning: takes a shower
Favourite Food: Pasta
Favourite piece of clothing: Jacket
Childhood Hero: David Bowie
Coca Cola or Coca Cola Light?: Coca Cola
iPad or vinly? iPad
Favourite TH memories so far: The first time in the studio, the first time on the stage, the first gig, the first tour
Before his death, Bill wants to have his best concert

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